Lenka Černotová (*1985, Czech Republic) is an artist living and working in Czech Republic.
She holds a master degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Recently
she has completed her PhD from Technical University of Ostrava. The theme of her
dissertation work was: Preparation of industrial waste for the purpose of preparing
pigments and their use in restoration techniques. The result of this work and research
culminated in a new pigment. Černotová was awarded a patent for this creation.
In her practice Černotová primarily works with painting. On canvas she is experimenting
with a mix of techniques. Cernotova has a BFA in conservation and renovation of
wallpainting and sgraffito from the University of Pardubice in Litomysli. Her technical
knowledge allows her freedom in research of materials. She consciously causes accidents
on canvas. The results are very thin layers of bright and intensive colors. She often works
with her hands on the canvas.
She has two kinds of artistic language, first is abstract painting, but with a real foundation.
Second are drawings which function as psychological maps, or notes of her life. Her latest
series of works are titled Čujky.
Recently Černotová had a solo show in Kabinet gallery in Zlín, under the title Čujky, in
2016. In 2015 She was chosen among a few artists for a group show under the title Black
horses in Adam Gallery in Brno. It was a selection of a new generation of young artists from
Czech Republic. The same year she won a prize for the best student work, nominated by her
Professor Vladimír Kokolia.
In 2015 she was nominated for the Critics prize: Cena Kritiky for young painters, in Palác
Adria, Prague.
In 2014 she participated in a group exhibition titled “Art is an only one”,” Umění je jen jedno’,
the exhibition of Art Brut, in Staroměstká Radnice, in Prague.